Frequently Asked Questions

What Countries is This Available in? is available in every country.

How Soon do I Get Access After I Join?

You will get immediate access to all of the member content and writing jobs, even if it is 3 A.M.!

How Often do You Update All of The Writing Jobs you List in Your Website?

Our writing job database is updated on a daily basis (even on the weekend or holidays) to make sure you always have fresh access to the hottest new writing jobs available worldwide!

I'm Not That Great of a Writer, Can I Still Make Money?

In short, yes absolutely. There are a few things to consider. Some people may be good at creative writing, while others technical may be good at technical writing. There are many types of "writing" jobs, and some do not even really involve writing at all. There are also plenty of data entry jobs, proof reading jobs, social media post jobs and even writing reviews of restaurant jobs. The point is, there are many different types of writing jobs, and you don't have to be a skilled writer for all of them. We may even show you how you can outsource the writing jobs to someone, and keep part of the money for yourself so you don't have to do any writing at all, and still get paid!

How do I Get Paid?

Companies have several different methods they can you with. Most places pay via ACH Bank Deposit directly to you bank account, Bank Wires direct to you bank account, PayPal or Checks. Some companies may however pay via some alternative methods. For example, they could pay you in BitCoin, pre-paid debit cards, gift cards or even reward you with merchandise and other gifts.

How Often do I Get Paid?

This is again up to the company you are working with, but it would be discussed ahead of time before you begin writing for them. In our experience, most people will pay you on a weekly basis if you request it. Some may also be willing to pre-pay you for the work you do for them once you establish a relationship with them and have written for them a few times.

I'm Not Very Good With Computers, Will This Still Work For Me?

If you're able to surf the internet, type an email to someone and follow simple instructions, then there is no reason that this would be too difficult for you. We essentially hold you by the hand, and give you simple instructions on how to get started when you join. We also offer 24/7 support if you have any questions. Most of these writing jobs you can do from the comfort of your own home.

How Many Hours Per Week do I Need for This?

That's entirely up to you. That's the beauty of this system! You can work as little, or as much as you want. Whether you want to work 15 minutes a week or 15 hours per day, it's up to you! We have so many writing opportunities being added on a daily basis, that you'll always have something fresh to try!

What if I Decide Later That This Isn't For Me?

Almost all of our members absolutely love our service (of course you can't make everyone happy), but if you do decide you aren't interested any longer, that's not a problem at all! We have an iron-clad, full 60 day Money Back Guarantee. No quesitons asked. So you can join with the peace of mind knowing that you've got nothing to worry about!

How Do I Join?

The time is coming when we will not be accepting members any longer, so if you would like to join, I'd urge you to sign up today before we have enough writers, and close our doors forever! Click Here To Join Now!